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Contact Lenses

Soft Contact Lenses

Made of soft polymer plastic and a percentage of water which allows oxygen to pass through, these lenses are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable lenses when first inserted in to the eye. Most soft contact lenses can be thrown away after a short period of use, which as a result minimizes the risk of infection, provides more comfort, and requires less cleaning. When using soft contact lenses, it is crucial that the right cleaning and care techniques are utilized. Be aware that soft contact lenses can easily absorb pollutants like soap and lotion from your fingers which can cause irritation of the eyes. Also, it is important to take in to account that soft contacts are a lot more fragile than rigid gas permeables and will tear a lot more easily.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

Also referred to as RGP's, these contacts are more rigid than soft contacts, but are still flexible and should not be confused with the old fashioned hard contact lenses. These are made with silicone polymers that allow oxygen to circulate to the cornea of the eye. RGP lenses are extremely durable, smaller in size and easy to take care of since they are not as delicate as soft lenses. Rigid gas permeable lenses will not be as comfortable as soft contact lenses the first time you put them in. They require a period of time for the eyes to get used to the lenses and must be worn every day in order to feel maximum comfort.

Types of Soft Contact Lenses

• Daily Disposables - These lenses can be thrown away after each day of use. The benefit of this is there is no cleaning required a practical replacement schedule, and the reduction of irritation and infection due to contact solutions. These contacts are also ideal for those with allergies.
• Silicone Extended Wear Disposables - These contacts are to be disposed of after 30 days. Made with a silicone hydrogel, they reduce the risk of irritation and dry eye. It is advised to take these lenses out at night in order for your eyes to rest.
• High-Definition Disposables - Replaced monthly, these lenses provide clearer and sharper vision while reducing halos and glares.

Colored Soft Contact Lenses      (3 kinds):

• Visibility Tint. Does not enhance the color of your eyes in any way. Tint is for the purpose of being able to easily find the lens if you were to drop it.
• Enhancement Tint. Enhances your natural eye color and are slightly darker than a visibility tint.
• Color Tint. Actually change the color of your eye. Come in a variety of colors.

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